77 Meditations

77 guided meditations for Self-Programming to bring you to Higher Self, and increase Money, Health, Love and everything else that you wish for

Package also includes

3 podcasts with Katerina:

  • How to increase your Money Capacity
  • How to use the Recipes of Meditations
  • Money Marketing (for entrepreneurs, salaried and homemakers too)

70 Recipes of meditations for variety of life issues e.g. 

  • Relationship problems
  • Increase of income
  • Healing, fear of Death
  • From Homemaker into Social Realization
  • Fear of New
  • Exit Child position 
  • Pregnancy
  • Life mission search
  • Health and Body
  • Relaxation
  • Fame and followers
  • Increase of sexuality and libido
  • Mindfulness and spiritual awakening
  • Let go the sadness of loss
  • How to Love yourself
  • Loneliness
  • Aggression and anger
  • From laziness to rest
  • Fear before important events
  • Loans and debts never end
  • Weight loss and acceptance of self

And many, many more ! 




  • Meditation “Power of Ancestry System” 2.0 
  • Meditation to Exit Child Position
  • Meditation to Wake Up and Exit from Matrix
  • Meditation of Gratitude
  • Money Meditation 2.0
  • Meditation of Luxury
  • Meditation “New Level”
  • Money Meditation 3.0
  • Meditation of Self Programming
  • Healing Gong
  • Meditation to Expand Money Capacity
  • Legendary Money Meditation
  • Money Meditation 1.0
  • Money Meditation Against Stress and Restless Mind
  • Meditation Readiness to Accept
  • Meditation to Increase Capacity


  • Meditation of Quantum Jump
  • Meditation of Increasing the Scale
  • Meditation Army of Fans
  • Meditation of Fame
  • Meditation to Grow Followers and Engagement
  • Meditation Insight
  • Meditation of First Impression
  • Meditation of Belief
  • Meditation of Showing Yourself
  • Meditation Against Haters


  • Meditation for Relationships
  • Meditation for Wealthy Husband
  • Meditation of Love
  • Connection with Inner Child
  • Meditation of Forgiveness and letting go past offences
  • Meditation Disconnect from People and Programs
  • Meditation Against Loneliness
  • Meditation of Open Heart
  • Meditation of Readiness to Accept
  • Meditation of Separation


  • Meditation of Rebirth
  • Meditation Family Constellation
  • Meditation of Ancestry Power
  • Meditation of Faith
  • Meditation against Fears
  • Meditation for Safety
  • Meditation Connection with Baby


  • Mediation of Love to the Body
  • Meditation of Healing Yourself
  • Meditation of Health
  • Meditation of Love to the Body 2.0
  • Meditation to Activate Vital Energy


  • Active Practice to Release Triggers and Fears
  • Meditation Against Anxiety and Panic
  • Meditation of Stability
  • Meditation against Worries
  • Transcendental Meditation
  • Meditation to Release Control
  • Meditation Against Depression
  • Meditation to Stop Giving a Fuck
  • Meditation to Exit Child Positin
  • Meditation against Bad Mood
  • Morning Meditation
  • Meditation to Prepare for Important Day
  • Meditation of Intention
  • Meditation “Good Day”
  • Meditation of Joy
  • Meditation to Recover Energy Resource
  • Healing Gong
  • Deep dive into Gong Meditation together


  • Meditation of Sexual Energy
  • Meditation “Inner Woman”
  • Meditation of Emperor Energy
  • Meditation of Feminine Energy
  • Meditation of “I am the Fucking Greatest”
  • Meditation for Confidence
  • Meditation for Gifts


  • Meditation of Ancestry Power
  • Meditation to Wake Up and exit the Matrix
  • Meditation to Release the Programs
  • Meditation of Rebirth
  • Meditation of Self Programming
  • Meditation Life Mission 2.0
  • Practice “My Life Scenario”
  • Meditation Self Programming
  • Meditation Life Mission 1.0
  • True Goal of my Soul
  • Meditation for Decision Making


  • New Meditation to Release the Fear
  • Meditation to Let Go
  • Meditation of Least Effort
  • Meditation to Live Through the Moment
  • Meditation of Manifestation of Dreams
  • Energy of Gratitude
  • Meditation of Gratitude
  • Meditation Sign from Universe
  • Open Intuition Channel
  • Meditation to Increase Intuition
  • Meditation of Abundance
  • Meditation Exit Child Position
    Meditation to Release Fears and Blocks

Access to meditations is life-long, and you can download them to your devices and save 

Please Note:

Upon the purchase, you will join online group where we will conduct 21-day meditation challenge. I will be releasing new meditation daily, with a short 5-10 min audio instructions. This way we will build the meditation habit, and resolve your questions on how to meditate. The group is overseen and curated by Katerina, and open for your questions and discussion. 

After 21-day challenge, you will get the access to all meditations and all the recipes for specific life problems . First 100 people to purchase the package will receive the BONUS free SELF PROGRAMMING DIARY

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