How do my Money Rituals work?

If you already know, and can’t wait for the next ritual: use the link in my Bio on instagram @oneupjourney 🍁

To other skeptical people here: 
how does it work ???

Money is the Energy. There is a lot of mystery behind the numbers we see in excel, in our bank accounts, and text messages from our banks. Money is egregor of Energy, and it behaves according to certain rules. We can join this egregor, and receive the benefits – or we can deny it, reject it and humiliate it.
So for those who believe that Money are root of all evil, that Money make people bad and so on, you don’t even have to read more. And yes, Money don’t love you either 😜

For those who have positive feelings about Money, what we can do is – use the power of nature elements – Fire, Water, Air and Earth, to connect our personal energy field, with the energy of Money.
And we do it on the “Right Days”, i.e checking astronomical positions of the planets, when they are creating overall positive trends in the skies.

The trend by itself will not make you rich. You need to interact with the planatar energy too.

So this is my role here, to guide you, in a safe and ecological way, to harvest this extra energy from different sources, and enhance your Money Flows.

Enough of lecturing guys, there is much more INTERESTING story to this:
Reviews of the people who do monthly rituals with me, for many months now


Read, believe, feel connection with Money – and Money will love you back. Next rituals take place Nov 2023 ❤️ link in bio. 

Rituals are safe for pregnancy and periods. Rituals work for men and women (each person needs own ticket). Ticket price is 840 INR, it will cover 2 days of rituals. Materials shared in online group. I always include couple bonus meditations and energy practices, to improve your well-being.

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